Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Doomsday in Modern Culture

     "The End is Nigh"  Aside from the multiple prophesies of the end of the world that date back to 'biblical' times, the date for doomsday has been predicted by:
William Miller
  • various religious groups: Jehovah Witness :2014; Adventists (William Miller): 1843 then 1844); Bishop James Usher (mid-1600s): Oct 23, 1997; Hindu calendar:1999-2003; Jewish calendar: 2240; Muslim calendar: 2076
  • various 'new age' groupsNostradamus: July 1999; Unarius Society: 1985 then 2000; Edgar Cayce: 2001-2001; Jack van Impe: after year 2000; Richard W. Noone: May 5, 2000; remember the year 2000 new millenium predicted 'crash'?
  • "pop culture": Homer on 'The Simpsons' (2011); Harold Camping, founder of 'Family Radio' who, in 2011, predicted the end on May 21, 2011 then revised to Oct 21, 2011.        
Homer Simpson
     Four decades ago, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer model called World 3 warned of an apocalyptic course for human civilization in the 21st century.
     In May, 2012, Scientific American Magazine reported that in the book '2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years', Jorgen Randers of the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, and one of the original World3 modelers, argues that the second half of the 21st century will bring us near apocalypse in the form of severe global warming.
     Randers claims that 'Food per capita is going down, energy is becoming more scarce, groundwater is being depleted. Most worrisome, greenhouse gases are being emitted twice as fast as oceans and forests can absorb them'.
Edgar Cayce
     Graham Turner of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization fears that collapse could come even earlier, but due to peak oil rather than climate change. After comparing the various scenarios generated by World3 against recent data on population, industrial output and other variables, Turner and, independently, the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, conclude that the global system is closely following a business-as-usual output curve.
Apocalypse Due to Climate Change
     In this model run the economy continues to grow as expected until about 2015, but then falters because nonrenewable resources such as oil become ever more expensive to extract.

     All of these 'predictions' have been shown to be fantasy (so far). Perhaps what we should be more concerned with are the 'scientific' predictions of the 'End of Days' (see the post: Real Apocalypse). Then, if you make a prediction and wait long enough, you're bound to be right.
PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
     After all, Sir Isaac Newton himself predicted that the end of the world would occur in 2060.
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